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Appraisal & Expert Witness Services

In addition to loss estimates, R2GC is well qualified to handle the appraisal process on behalf of an insurance company or the insured. With our experience and knowledge, combined with our State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board and Department of Business and Professional Regulation Licensing, we can also act as a creditable and professional independent third-party arbitrator (“umpire”) in disputes between the policyholder and insurance company.

If you are not familiar with the appraisal process, here is an overview of how it works and how we can help. First, not all insurance claims have to be resolved with appraisals. The insurance company and the policyholder agreeing on the original estimate settle many claims. This underscores the importance of getting a thorough estimate from a reputable contractor used to working with the insurance company and their policies and procedures. However, if the estimates alone cannot bring about a resolution, there are other options that can be utilized to solve the dispute. R2GC is experienced and dedicated to solving all insurance disputes quickly and fairly through Appraisal.

The advantage of expertise and Expert Witness Services
For a dispute to be resolved, you need information that is current, clear, concise and objective. R²GC  analyzes independent dispute situations and provides an objective, researched and technical assessment needed to reach a resolution. From mediation, arbitration and litigation consulting to expert testimony, we have the services to support you in every phase of the dispute resolution process.

Construction claims are complex and often require subtle distinction of engineering and construction practices. As such, expert witness testimony services distill the relevant facts of the claim to both counsel and jury. our expert witness testimony provides a credible account to the jury so that they might make the most well-informed decision regarding our clients.

At R²GC we are capable and equipped to provide the insight necessary to ensure the success of your litigation strategy. Our litigation support includes an extensive review of all documentation pertinent to your dispute. Through our  investigation of contracts, schedules, bid estimates, design documents, change orders, and correspondence, R²GC can thoroughly evaluate the issues surrounding your suit.

With note to General Construction Claims
In the field of construction defects, a highly experienced general contractor is most important if the observed construction defects cross over into more than one field of expertise. A knowledgeable general contractor has the ability to link the other construction defect disciplines (plumbing, electrical, heating and air, structural engineering, etc.) together into a cohesive entity so as to thoroughly define the connectivity between all the other various construction disciplines.

Without this cohesiveness it is possible to only see a narrow perspective of the basic construction issues without having the full understanding of how they interact with the rest of the construction disciplines. In construction defect cases which involve more than one discipline the general contractor is in a similar position to a general whose task is to coordinate and direct the other construction experts into a cohesive and organized entity (the Army) for the benefit of the employing attorney.

With note to water intrusion, water damage and fungal growth (molds)
Loss events that result in water intrusion produce consequential damages that by far exceed the relatively minor nuisance of soaked studs, drywall and carpet. The presence of excessive moisture often results in magnification of microbial growth (mold, mildew and fungus infestation). Why be concerned? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently cited microbial contamination as the most common cause of building related illness.

Any type of water intrusion into a given indoor environment has the potential for causing magnification of fungus growth. Fungi thrive in environments with little ventilation and large quantities of no moisture control and organic material. Almost any carbon containing material (dirt, paint, wood, plastics, paper, carpeting, etc.) can provide nutrients to fungi. Water, on the other hand, is not always readily available in large quantities, particularly in indoor environments generally inhabited by people. Water intrusion  into any given environment is, therefore, the single most important cause of fungus contamination.

Some fungi are toxic to humans. Toxic fungi produce metabolites known as mycotoxins which may have a variety of toxic effects when inhaled, ingested, or when they come into contact with skin. However, all fungi, regardless of toxin producing capabilities, can cause allergic respiratory disease in sensitive individuals. It has been reported that 10 to 20% of the general population is allergic to various fungi. The types of disease that can be caused by fungi in sensitive individuals include humidifier fever, hypersensitivity pneumonities, asthma, and allergic rhinitis. Another significant problem posed by magnification of fungus growth is the damage to wood structures that is caused by some species of wood destroying fungi. This type of damage is particularly insidious since it can go undetected for long period of time resulting in unexpected structural failure and potential injury to building occupants.

The expert witnesses available at R²GC  have extensive experience in construction defect, including investigation, analysis, compilation of remediation specifications, mediation and expert witness testimony for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.